Cameron A. Blagg
American Artist

Cameron A. Blagg, professional artist since 1974 is an American original, he has made his living and supported his family by creating and selling his art work for most of his adult life.
In the pioneer or mountain man spirit, Cameron and his wife Pamela live in the remote Northwest corner of Montana near Bull Lake that is between Noxon and Troy, Montana, in a cabin built by themselves.

Here in the mountains Cameron gets the inspiration he needs to  create the works of art that have became his trademark. Primarily self taught Cameron paints from the heart and to leave a legacy of paintings and prints that make the viewer feel involved with his creations.

Cameron has won numerous awards even though he shuns competition saying that he “paints because he loves to paint and tell stories with his art. Not because he wants to be better than someone else.” His artwork can be found in private collections through out the free world.

Recently Cameron and Pamela have purchased the remains of the Ghost town of Three Rivers, New Mexico, north of Tularosa, near Riodosa in the Tularosa Valley just east of White Sands on old hwy. 54.

This was and is Mescalaro Apache country and was Billy the Kids stomping grounds. In the old saloon and store at Three Rivers they have opened up a Gallery and Trading Post featuring Cameron’s artwork and many of his artist friends artwork. The gallery is managed by their good friend Sue Tassinari and is currently open six days a week.

Cameron and Pamela juggle their time between the studio and the gallery as well as attending shows, growing gardens, and watching the grand kids grow.

We hope you enjoy his art as much as he enjoys creating it.

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